Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cake Business

Well, through no pushing on my side, it looks like I might be in the cake baking business :-)
This has all been through my husband's work.
I've made some for different occasions in the past, but lately they have kept me busy.

Here are a couple of the recent ones I've made.

The first was for a baby shower. I created blocks with the frosting, then topped it off with some spoons (that can be used when the baby starts to eat)

The second was for a retirement part. This was two cakes, one was cut in half to make two layers. On the double layered one, I put a road with construction vehicles on it. The road leads down to the bottom layer (other cake). That has a a peaceful pond. For this, I put a "fish" in it (a fishing lure, sans the hooks). Then made a little boat out of pie dough with cocoa in it for a camouflaged look. Dotted around the pond with special M&M's that sort of look like rocks. :-)

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